Undisturbed: A Guide to Emotional Wellness by Adam Oakley – My Personal Review

Here is another extremely life changing book by my friend that I want to share with you today.

This is actually his first book called ‘Undisturbed: A Guide to Emotional Wellness.’

What is Undisturbed about?

This book is about dealing with our emotions in the most sanely way, rather than somehow managing to experience suffering because we are not sure on how to deal with them.

The reason we experience suffering resulting from our emotions is because we haven’t really been told or shown how to actually treat them and this book will thoroughly educate you on the most effective ways to deal with them and how to live from a place of serenity even whilst still experiencing what we call negative emotions.

When we try to suppress or run away from how we are feeling it often backfires on us because we are creating conflict within and this can only result as turmoil.

Here is an excerpt from the book – “Whenever we feel any kind of pain – physical or emotional – we tend to reject it. We tend to try and get rid of it through internal resistance. This resistance is the thing that really makes us suffer. We then become in conflict with the present moment. The pain is there, and we are resisting it. Resistance has no healing quality, it just makes pain worse.”

This is really important because it is what stands between you living from a place of negativity and being in harmony.

There are three parts: Part 1 is about revealing the myths we have around emotions and putting the myths to bed. Part 2 is all about how to treat the emotions in a way which no longer makes you suffer and part 3 is about discovering your inherent freedom.

How this book has helped me

This book has been an incredible help to me and it is actually one of my favourites. The main thing this book has taught me is that we don’t have to judge our feelings as either good or bad, we can just create a neutral perspective towards them and thus experience more peace and tranquillity.

Judging our emotions as good or bad creates a polarity which doesn’t really help us because if we judge something as bad or negative, we’ll experience suffering as our minds will have so much resistance to the idea of something being “bad.”

Undisturbed has also taught me that it’s okay to experience negative emotions, that I don’t have to beat myself up for having them and that if I learn to not mind how I am feeling, even if it is “bad” then there won’t be any resistance because I haven’t created a negative perception towards it.

Now this is perhaps the biggest thing that I have learnt and put into practice. It is so powerful that once you learn it, you’ll experience life in a completely new way, it will seem much more easier.

Here it is – Wanting things to be different from how they already are creates conflict and thus more misery, unhappiness, emotional pain etc. When you don’t want to feel a certain way and you want it to be gone so you can feel more positive then all you’re doing is adding to your pain.

It’s just how this works and I’m sure if you really thought about this long enough, you would come to the conclusion that trying to push it away just fuels emotional pain.

If you just took this away from this book then your life would change beyond all recognition.

Why you should read it

I recommend you read this book because you can use it as a really helpful guide. You will learn all you need to, to live from a place of peace and harmony. You will learn what works and what just fuels more emotional pain when it comes to your emotions.

It will also cover all the current myths we have around our emotions and that you should not fight your feelings but rather allow them to be because when you are okay with feeling the way you do and are no longer at war with your inner state then you will experience the peace you desire. It’s when we want our current experience of emotionally turmoil to be different, to be gone that creates more suffering. When we want to feel better than our current state, we automatically tie ourselves in a knot and experience inner turmoil.

If you are currently struggling to function sanely in the world because you do not know how to treat your inner state then let this book be your guide to emotional wellness.

I trust you have found this book review valuable in some way and have found something that you think will help you live from a place of inner peace rather than being at war with your emotions.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to leave comments below. Take care.

Extra Information

About the Author – Adam Oakley is an author of many books that have an underlining basis of helping the reader to experience more peace and harmony in their lives.

He also has a website called Inner Peace Now which has so much articles and advice about dealing with negativity and learning to experience mental and physical balance.

You can check it out right here >> www.innerpeacenow.com

I am a frequent visitor of Adam’s site because I understand just how valuable the information he share’s on it really is. He has become an inspiration to my life as well as many other’s.

I own three books of his which are Undisturbed: A Guide to Emotional Wellness, Get Out of The Cage and Mythical Creatures of The Forest which is a fiction book broken down into little stories which contains lot’s of wisdom.

You can read my review about ‘Get Out of The Cage’ Right Here.

I keep in contact with Adam through social media and we often encourage each other to come up with new ways for helping people.

Lawrence Gregory

Hi I'm Lawrence. I write about what has helped me overcome anxiety, remove negativity, deal with obstacles, experience more happiness and build empowering habits! I write with honesty and with readers in mind so you'll never see me share something I don't think is helpful. If it has benefited my life then you'll see that information on here. If it hasn't then you won't see it on here, it's as simple as that!

Reader Comments

  1. Joshua

    This is good review Lawrence. It’s very interesting–it says we should trust in the current moment and be open and accepting of our present emotional condition. There are many self-help books out there which indicate otherwise–some say you should use willpower to push through , or do things to place your focus elsewhere. Is the advice in this book more effective?

    • Lawrence Gregory

      Hi Joshua

      Willpower is very unsustainable, it might work for a little while but the trouble with willpower is your battery goes down very easily. My advice would be to learn how to deal with thoughts, emotions, situations etc the sustainable way and this book contains every you need to do just that.


  2. James Crabtree

    This looks like a good read, I struggle some times in life with my negative energy I use running to help but I think this book would help me understand why I this way and improve my situation. Thanks for the article.

    • Lawrence Gregory

      Hi James

      Yes, this book will definitely be able to point you in the right direction. I have gained so much valuable insights from it and I highly recommend that you read it too 🙂

      P.S – It isn’t a book you read once, feel good after reading it and put it away. It’s a book you keep going over, a guidebook if you like.


  3. Samuel Knox

    I could have done with being taught this about 18 years ago when I was in my teens and felt that everybody was picking on me everywhere, I was left feeling that I should not be feeling like this every time someone said something negative to me and against me, I tried to get along with everybody but they did not want to get along with me, so I was left fighting my negative emotions nearly everyday and it was always this should not have happened or why did this happen, but now I’m in my 30’s and it does not get me down anymore. ? Good website and very heartwarming

  4. Eric Cantu

    I really love positive sites like this. With so much negativity in the world you really have yourself a great area to inspire others. I’m going to pick up this book today. Thanks for the review!

  5. Xaric

    Hey Lawrence,

    The book seems really helpful since resistance has become such a large part of our reality and such a large part of our suffering as well.

    Each additional little piece of information about how to stop resisting might be of high value, so I just added this book to my to-read list.

    Thank you for the recommendation man.

    My best,


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