Here is a list of the most helpful articles on the site. At least I think they are…

I picked these articles because they are the ones which I feel have resonated with me the most. The list will expand over time.

Every time when I’m about to write an article I always remember to ask myself these questions: Has this actually helped me or am I just writing because I think I should? Can this actually benefit the people who read this? Is there actual Science in this? Can we actually put this content into practice to better our lives?

By asking myself these questions it really does unlock my true authenticity and this is when I can be the most productive and helpful to others. I’ve said this before and it won’t be the last time I say this. We can only be truly empowered when we allow ourselves to completely genuine.

The Power of a Good Morning Routine – Whatever we do in the mornings often effects how we are during the rest of the day. That’s why having a morning routine consisting of healthy eating, exercise, feeding in the mind empowering information and creativity is key!

5 Reasons Why Self-Help Could be Ruining Your Life – Selfhelp can be a fantastic tool if used from the right paradigm. Here we look at how self-help could be harming you and how you know this already but have become addicted to it like a drug.

Why Taking Responsibility For Everything That Happens to You is Empowering – When we point our fingers out into the world at certain people, events, past experiences, traumas etc etc. And say that these are the reasons why we feel disempowered at present, we give away our power. By taking on the perspective that we are the reason why we feel a certain way, it leaves us open for positive change. Without that perspective, it’s going to be pretty difficult to break out of that victim mentality.

Structuring Your Environment to Eliminate Bad Habits – Our environment plays a big role on our behaviour and habits, more than we realize. Learn how we can structure our environments to support good habits in a way which eliminate bad habits.

Structured Thinking: What  is it and Why Do We Need it? – Without having a structured thinking system in place then be default we’re operating from a place of unconsciousness. Structured thinking allows oneself to consider the thoughts that are running through their mind and question if the thoughts are taking them in the right direction.

How to Stop The Feedback Loop From Hell –  What is the feedback loop from hell? You know when you are feeling angry about feeling angry and you’re not sure why you’re feeling angry and this makes you more angry? Yep, that’s the feedback loop. Find out out how to stop it in this short empowering post.

Can Anxiety Be Cured? – Find Out Here! –  What if there was a way for us to actually overcome anxiety. Has all the advice you’ve been told just not really made sense or helped when put into action? Spoiler alert! There is a cure and in this article we’ll learn how we can eliminate anxiety.

Using Neuroplasticity to Beat Anxiety (An Important Read) – Neuroplasticity is a process which happens in the brain to build, modify or discard existing neural pathways. This process takes place whenever we are engaging our five senses in our environment, so it happens pretty much all of the time. Anxiety becomes stored behaviour in the subconscious mind and you can remove the anxious pathways of behaviour through this scientific process.

The Science Behind Habit – Understanding The Habit Loop to Create Good Habits – How do habits work? Why do we fall into unwanted habits? How can we capitalise on this habit loop to create the habits we want to adopt? Find out in this article.

Worrying, What is The Point? – In this post we look at why worrying is not only destructive to our life but also completely useless.

How to Relax When Experiencing Tension and Negative Thoughts – The worst thing you can possibly to when experiencing tension and negative thoughts is to push them away. Fighting it will just create more resistance. It’s like pouring petrol onto a fire, metaphorically speaking. Learn how to diffuse the fire by throwing away the petrol.

Why Trying to Stop Thinking is Impossible and What You Can Do Instead – Do this little experiment right now: Try not to think of a pink elephant. What happened? Did you think of a pink elephant, it’s highly likely that you did. And yet we use this same approach to try and stop thinking the thoughts which bother us. It never works out in our favour.

There is No Outside In Process To Happiness – Happiness is a transitory thing, it comes and it goes. This is why nothing outside of ourselves can make us happy for long. Relying on external stuff for our happiness is never sustainable in the long run.

Letting Go The Need to Constantly Improve – Self improvement is obviously great. It’s vital to our fulfillment in life. However focusing too much on improving and never being content with the present you becomes tense, ovewhelming and miserable.

The Reasons Why You Can’t Succeed in Life – What if success was no more than a few little but powerful tweaks we have to make? Do you think it would be worth tweaking? Find out what we can do to put us on the right track.

Focus on The Process, Not on The End Goal – It’s great to have an end goal. But what is not great is fixating on it so much that it continuously takes us out of the present where the actions we do every moment are the keys to reaching that goal.

Healing Depression Without Medication – I am very against the use of pharmaceutical intervention when it comes to mental health and do not recommend anyone staying on medication. But apparently medication helps to balance out the chemicals in the brain and therfore minimise the depressive symptoms which is fine but what is not good is becoming dependant on them. I am a firm ‘believer’ in natural solutions. Here are a few ways we can deal with depression without the use of drugs.

A Guide to The Psychological Immune System – Like how the physical immune system will heal a cut in time, the psychological immune system clears our mind naturally if left alone long enough. It’s a self-correcting mechanism which kicks in when we leave our minds alone. It’s by trying to get up there and fix things which blocks the natural self-correcting system. Unfortunately I have no scientific evidence for this one. But I can back this up from personal experience when leaving my mind alone long enough.

How to Stop Panic Attacks Instantly – The only way to stop a panic attack is to learn to stop fearing it and letting it do it’s worst. Once we embrace the panicky thoughts and feelings and stop trying to fight them, we will disempower them for good. This is a technique which will teach the subconscious to not be afraid of panic attacks.

How to Overcome Setbacks in Life Setbacks are not as bad as we originally thought. They can actually be seen as teachers if we learn from them.

How to Get over The Fear of Failure – Here I share what I’ve learnt on my journey throughout life when it comes to dealing with the fear of failure. This can be a tough one to crack. But fear not, there is a way to overcome it. Even if that means a change in perception.

Living in Harmony: Creating The Most Fulfiling State – Living in the present moment whilst being excited about a goal you want to achieve is for me the most harmonious state to be in. Having an exciting future vision whilst focusing on the process of daily actions and being detached from that exciting vision is so empowering. You know where you want to go, you’re not attached to it but eagerly anticipating it. The journey of the small steps taken everyday and focusing on the process is a stress-free approach to achieving harmony and our future goals.

I’ll be updating this list often, so keep a look out.