Hi and Welcome, I'm Lawrence Gregory. Blogger and Anxiety Coach.

The question is: how can we defuse anxiety and panic?

I truly feel it comes down to achieving emotional harmony. After years of suffering from anxiety and panic, all I wanted was to regain my inner strength and balance. It was through implementing a program based on replacing anxious neural pathways in the brain and changing the way I responded to anxiety.  Read my story here.

My Mission

Primarily my main aim with this blog is to empower people through sharing solutions to overcoming anxiety and panic. I value integrity so you can always expect to receive complete honesty about my experiences and what I have used to return myself to emotional wellness. Why have I gone out of my way to do this? Because I feel that everyone who is seeking solutions to overcoming anxiety and panic deserves to be presented with effective and honest information.

Anything else on this blog which isn't specific to defusing anxiety and panic is still intentionally posted. This will be the content (in my articles) which will empower you along your journey to anxiety freedom. It will help contribute towards you feeling emotionally wellness. Obviously none of the content I post through my articles will conflict with the approaches I used to overcome anxiety and panic. Like i said, honesty is something I highly value so I'll only be sharing what's helped me.

There is a lot of information out there in the world which is using outdated therapies and approaches for dealing with this disorder. This can often mean that many people are being innocently mislead and keeping themselves stuck in the anxious cycle by receiving inappropriate treatments and advice.  My job is to provide readers with information that they can take away and apply to defuse their anxieties and live emotionally harmonised lives.

Important information: I am, in no way, stating that I am an expert when it comes to dealing with anxiety, although I have experienced most of my life suffering from the awful condition and know what to do to end anxiety. I have tried many therapies over the years, all of which, have left me with little help and definitely not a long term solution.

That's all changed and you'll get to benefit from the information I provide you with here on this blog.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave one on my about me page. Many thanks.