Transform Your Habits By James Clear – A Book Review in 500 Words

A quick summary of Transform Your Habits

What does it actually take to make long lasting progress? We all want to live a better life. We all want to be healthy, fulfilled and have a purpose. To live a better life, we need to adopt better habits into our daily routines. We always hear about the event of what someone achieved but we rarely hare about the process they immersed themselves in everyday.

The real transformation isn’t about having a massive audacious goal, the transformation comes from implementing the right habits on a daily basis.

My 3 favourite quotes from the book

“It’s natural to think that we need the result, the transformation, the overnight success. But that’s not what you need. You need better habits.”

“It’s so easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment and underestimate the value of making better decisions on a daily basis.”

“We all get off track, what separates top performers from everyone else is that they get back on track very quickly.”

Actionable insights I gained from Transform Your Habits

It’s the process that gets us to the goal we want to achieve, not fixating on the end result. The process of daily actions repeated over time.

Habits are formed by a loop. The trigger, routine and the reward. A trigger is the thing that pushes us to do the behaviour, the routine is doing the actual behaviour and the reward is what we get from doing it. As an example, you’re sitting at home bored and hungry, this is the trigger for you to go and eat some comfort food. So you pick up a chocolate cookie at eat it. This is the routine. You feel better for eating the food, it gives you a little high, the comfort has been satisfied. This is the reward.

Having a schedule to stick to rather than a deadline is much more sustainable.

We can use a current habit as a way to trigger off a new habit. As an example, you could make it a habit to do 10 push ups when you’ve had a wash. After you’ve eaten your dinner, you could make it a habit to meditate for two minutes or read 10 pages. Write down a list of the things you do by default every day like waking up, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, having a wash etc etc and use these as a way to fit in a new habit.

It’s best to start as small as possible when introducing new habits into your life. If you wanted to make it a habit to run 30 minutes each day, it’s best that you start small. There’s a simple reason for this. When we start off trying to go big with a habit, it requires a lot of will-power and motivation. Whilst this will-power and motivation will last for a couple of weeks (due to excitement of starting a new habit), it will wear off quickly and it’s more than likely that we’ll quit the behaviour.

As a way to make this process as pain free as possible, start small until the behaviour becomes a habit. Once you can do it automatically, then you can start to increase the time or distance you run.

You can read this book right here –

I’ve found this book extremely helpful as it has helped me change the way I look at progress and most importantly, it has helped me take action the right way when implementing habits that I want to place into my life.


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