There Is No Outside In Process To Happiness

I am very against people relying on their happiness for outside things, I don’t mean to judge or offend you, there is no outside in process to happiness… It’s all inside out!

You may feel that moving up in your job ranking and having a better pay makes you happy or a new car you have just seen and want makes you feel extremely excited and you have to have it!


We have all been there, we all know things which we desire and feel they will make us a little happier.

However much you seek for happiness when relying on outside things, then it is more than likely that the object you want, is eventually cut short because nothing outside ourselves can give us long lasting happiness.

Why is this so and what is the answer?

Why do people seek outside things for their happiness


Well the answer is because people try to find their sense of selves through external objects for example, if somebody is interested in buying a new car then they may feel it will make them more happy and complete, even though they will feel this way to start with, the cunning illusion will not last forever and eventually they will want a new car and so the cycle of “seeking” things for their happiness continues.

“That women has a dress I really would like” I “need” to get this now!

Th above sentence is a perfect example of how people are obsessed with needing things, they can never be grateful for who they are now, without attaining certain things then apparently they will not feel good enough or successful.

Another factor where people look outside themselves for happiness is when they feel they have to be someone else other than who they are already before they can finally be happy or live a harmonious lifestyle, I need to get this job promotion from this to that so i can feel more powerful and complete.

A great quote below.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are – Kurt 


The only way you can find true lasting happiness is by breaking this deluded state and start appreciating everything you have right now.

The Answer is


Well the only place where true happiness and peace exists is from the inside, you can only be happy now,in the mind and soul… you cannot be happy at some future point in time, simply because the future is only a mind projection and doesn’t exist in reality, so you could say you’re putting off your happiness now for some illusion which never comes and stays in the future, whatever we think about becomes our reality, so thinking about the future for fulfillment and salvation will just keep you stuck in a cycle – which you really do not want to be in!

By living life in the NOW you can really reap the benefits and you’ll see how effortless life really becomes when you allow life to live through you, rather than you living life.

I’m confident you have enjoyed this post as much as i have writing it, trust me nothing outside yourself will ever make you happy for long.

I also would recommend writing out a “being grateful” list as this really does work and will accelerate things when aiming to be happy.

All you need is a pen and a notepad, just think of all the things you are grateful for and start writing them down, it doesn’t matter what they are, big or small… anything that makes you think “yep, I was grateful and happy about that”

I learn’t that from a personal development audio CD and it’s recommended to do it for 15 minutes everyday. It may not seem powerful and effective now, but trust me when you start doing it, you will know and feel different.

Thanks for reading this post, feel free to leave any comments in the section below and I’ll get back to you immediately.

Peace & Love


Lawrence Gregory

Hi I'm Lawrence. I write about what has helped me overcome anxiety, remove negativity, deal with obstacles, experience more happiness and build empowering habits! I write with honesty and with readers in mind so you'll never see me share something I don't think is helpful. If it has benefited my life then you'll see that information on here. If it hasn't then you won't see it on here, it's as simple as that!

Reader Comments

  1. Samantha

    Hi Lawrence. Great post! I can attest to the power of a gratitude journal. I’ve been keeping one for years and it really has helped me to remember all the good things I have, even on days when it doesn’t seem like much.

  2. Cat

    Hi Lawrence
    Loved reading your post! I totally agree! if we keep seeking things outside of us to make us happy then we will never be satisfied. It has taken me years to develop this in my brain every time I feel unsatisfied with something outside of me I remind myself that life is constantly changing and what will be wont last 🙂

    • Lawrence Gregory

      Hey Cat 🙂
      Thanks, I’m glad you are interested in it.
      That’s the law of impermanence of all things, nothing lasts forever. So it’s best to focus on the inside world and the outside will fall into place without any effort. 🙂

      I think it was from the power of now where I read a bit about a guy who was on the quest for enlightenment, he kept seeking and seeking it, but he was deluded every time, so when he came in contact with a spiritual teacher/master, the master gave him a present, it was a ring which read “This too shall pass”

  3. Melinda

    Hey Lawrence, that makes perfect sense to me. We, as humans, get stuck in these cycles all the time. We see somebody else who has more and it messes up our priorities. I am very fortunate to have a husband, kids and grandkids who love me. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. 🙂
    Thanks for your uplifting words,
    ~ Melinda

    • Lawrence Gregory

      Hello Melinda, very true 🙂

      We become obsessed with comparing who are are or what we have, this is clearly the ego fighting for it’s survival as it seeks to get it’s identity through comparison with other humans. I’m glad you have found the peace and love in your life through external forms 🙂

  4. Sean

    Hi Greg,

    I have been thinking about this very thing for a few years now and I would have to agree with you, it does seem to be the case. I definitely agree that focusing on gratitude is key – it really changed my life for the better.

    So true about the NOW – the Now is all we really have! It’s funny cos I’m going through a bit of a rough patch at work and I’m finding difficulties with some people there and I have been saying to myself, ‘I just want who I am to be enough.’

    So that quote by Kurt Cobain really spoke to me. I don’t subscribe to all the things he thought or did, but his quote is very true.

    Thanks for this,

    • Lawrence Gregory

      Hey Sean 🙂
      When i first read about the NOW, it totally blew my mind! I was in awe for a long while after to be quite honest, it really has changed my perspective on life, when you spend most of your life thinking about the past & future and then come to a deep realization that they are real illusions and only exist as thought forms in the mind, It’s quite a shocker!

  5. Kendy

    yes, yes yes! Things will never bring us more than momentary happiness. Being in the moment and practicing gratitude are absolutely happiness game changers. Excellent post!

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