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Why it’s important to have a energy boosting morning routine

There’s a saying going around – “Win the first hour of the morning to win the day” and this couldn’t be any more truthful. What we do in the first hour of the day will (in a way) determine how the rest of our day goes. Think of our energy and willpower like a phone. It only has a limited amount of energy before it gets depleted and needs to be re-charged.

We can actually maintain that energy by creating a energy boosting morning routine.

This is why it’s important to take care of our mind and body in the morning because it will shape the rest of our day. Doing energising ad empowering activities in the morning will fire us up and put us in a better place mentally and physically to tackle the challenges the day brings.

Imagine if we started off our mornings in unproductive ways like checking our social media sites for an hour? Or looking at all of the emails we still need to reply to. Well, we don’t really have to imagine it because most of us wake up this way all the time. I’m getting better at not doing it. I still do it but not as much.

Whilst replying to emails is important, it’s best to leave this task out until afternoon. The reason being is because we don’t really want to deal with other people’s demands when we wake up.

This trains our brain to be reactive and surely this is the thing we don’t want to be experiencing when you first wake up.

James Clear said it best – “My most productive days are the days when I avoid email until as late as possible. I think it’s pretty much always better to spend your time working on your own agenda rather than responding to someone else’s. I typically don’t open email until noon. Occasionally, I’ll go later than that.”

That time should be for us to re-energise, hydrate, exercise, eat nutritious food etc etc. The good news is we have the power to change our mornings which will put us in alignment with what we want out of life.

I haven’t always had a productive morning routine, this is something I learnt to do by reading and researching. I’ll put a list of the books and articles which have helped me create a good morning routine.

The benefits of having a good morning routine

  • A morning routine allows u to improve your health by implementing a few small actions each day.
  • It puts us in a very powerful and productive state to deal with the rest of the day
  • It’s so easy to do that we won’t need to rely on motivation or will-power
  • We’ll become much more energised and focused

What my morning routine looks like

I normally wake up around 7am and the first thing I do is drink 1 pint of water to make up for the amount of fluids I lost during sleep. After my drink of water, I take a glance at my plan for the day.

After checking my plan, I head downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast I have Muesli which is a breakfast and brunch dish based on raw rolled oats and other ingredients like grains, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and nuts, that may be mixed with cow’s milk, soy milk, almond milk, other plant milks, yogurt or fruit juice. According to Wikipedia

After breakfast, I drink another pint of water and head upstairs to have a wash. After my wash, I make my bed as I believe making our bed has benefits for our mental health. It’s a small action that has this “decluttering” effect. When we declutter our physical environment, we declutter our mental environment.

Once this is done, I head downstairs and make myself a coffee. Whilst drinking my coffee, I read some inspiring information from one of the my favourite books, either on habits or ancient wisdom. I read for two reasons. To learn something new (or remind myself of the info) and to pass on this information to others.

After my coffee and reading time, I work out for around 5 – 1o minutes… nothing fancy here. 20 press-ups followed by 20 sit-ups. Then I repeat this process again… 20 press-ups followed by 20 sit-ups. Then I perform bicep curls and upright rows with a resistance band which is 2 sets of 12. I repeat the resistant band exercises one more time.

After this short burst of strength training, I go for 30 minute walk along the beach. Going for a walk clears my head and increases my blood circulation. If you can fit a small walk in the morning, I definitely recommend you do it, the benefits are awesome.

After this, I’m all set for the rest of the day which is when I focus on research and writing.

It’s not the most exciting morning routine but it does make me feel great both mentally and psychically. Starting with hydration, eating a healthy breakfast, feeding my mind empowering information and exercising in the space of an hour is incredibly effective.

Here’s what it would like like on a checklist. Feel free to implement this routine if you wish.

  1. Wake up, drink 1 pint of water
  2. Look at today’s plan
  3. Have breakfast
  4. Have wash and make bed
  5. Drink coffee + read
  6. Workout
  7. Walk
  8. Research and Writing

Start ridiculously small

The goal here is to begin implementing each habit so small that it almost seems insignificant to even do. The reason being is that it’s important to actually stick to our morning routine. The quantity of our habits are not important in the beginning. What’s important is that we start small so we don’t feel dis-heartened and lack motivation to not do it.

Once we have repeated our morning routine on a consistent basis, then it’s entirely up to us if we want to increase the amount of time we spend on each habit.

Quick tip: It’s inevitable that we will have days when we just can’t manage to fit in all of our routine. What I have found helpful is to just do a slice of each habit of the routine. So I’ll walk for 5 minutes instead of 30 or do 5 press-ups instead of completing the full workout. It’s important that we keep up the behaviour, not how long we do each one. Consistency is KEY!

Start with adding one habit at a time

Trying to implement more than one habit at a time is very overwhelming, especially if we already have a busy life. We only have so much energy each day. So it’s best to start small and begin with one habit at a time. It’s easy to get ahead of ourselves by trying to work on multiple habits at the same time but this isn’t sustainable in the long run. When we can carry out the action without conscious thought ( when it becomes a habit), then it’s best t add another one in.

Repeating this process of starting small and adding one habit at a time and before long we will have a productive routine filled with several good habits which will have a long lasting effect on our health and fulfilment.

On the other hand, if we do happen to have half hour or an hour spare in your day, then we can implement multiple habits at the same time. As long as we make sure we do it the easy way of starting small. Again. if we feel that this is too overwhelming then we can just focus on building one habit at a time.


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