Structured Thinking: What is it and Why Do we Need it?

What is Structured thinking?

Good question? Structured thinking is exactly how it sounds, having a structure to our thoughts.

Btw, I didn’t come up with this idea of structured thinking. It was actually somebody named Andy Shaw who is the creator of a truly empowering program called A Bug Free Mind. This program is based on structured thinking and ensuring you remove all the negative stuff from your mind so you can get on and create your ideal life.

“Structured thinking is a system for thinking about everything you allow into your mind.

It is an automatic thought evaluation by which you become aware of; not unconscious to; your every thought.

This may sound like hard work, but with Saltori thinking, this process is simple and achieved effortlessly.

The Saltori System of thinking is a number of thinking techniques which allow you to be proactive in your thinking and not reactive.

It allows you to take back control of your unconscious thoughts and behaviour by simply noticing that you are in fact not awake but sleeping through life.

Saltori thinking, is about thinking on purpose instead of allowing thinking to happen by accident.”

That was a definition of structured thinking from Andy’s website –

Just to aid the confusion, Saltori is a name that Andy has given to his system of structured thinking.

Why do we need structured thinking?

You see without structured thinking then your mind (and life) is running on autopilot and nine times out of ten is chaotic. The reason why our thinking is in chaos is because we have no structured thinking system in place. And the reason why we haven’t got a structured thinking system in place is because we were never taught how to think just what to think.

And the reason why we were never taught how to think is because the people who influenced our lives didn’t know how to think either.

In retrospect, it really is like the blind leading the blind. However there were a small minority of people on the planet who were automatically thinking to a structure but just didn’t know it. Some of these people became teachers and because they didn’t know it they automatically taught others what to think but because the majority had no structured thinking system in place, then they couldn’t emulate the wisdom into their own lives.

This is what is happening in the self help industry. The Teachers who have created success are the ones with the structured thinking system in place but they are trying to install good software into the minds of people without a thinking structure.

So because the successful minority are automatically coming from a place of ‘how to think’, they are teaching this great advice in a ‘what to think’ way to people who don’t know ‘how to think’.

The teachers end up frustrated because they don’t quite understand why the students of this wisdom are not applying it into their lives and so they automatically assume it is their fault. But it isn’t!

We were taught at school what to think, we were never taught how to structure our thinking. But this doesn’t just happen at school, it happens in everyday life too.

So by default we allow thoughts in without having a system that evaluates whether they are empowering or disempowering and so we allow the disempowering ones to effect us because we are just allowing them to store up inside our minds without questioning them.

Can you see why we are just bumping around through life? It would make a lot of sense to have a structured thinking system in place wouldn’t it?

This is why we make irrational decisions, create pain and repeat the insanity on a daily basis. What happens when we have a structure for thinking in place is that we become more aware of the thoughts which are running through our mind.

Now this isn’t about stopping our thoughts, in fact it is pretty much impossible to stop thoughts because it’s just the nature of the mind to have thoughts. What we can do though is start to notice the thoughts and question them.

When we question them and see whether they are creating pain for ourselves then we can disempower them without effort.

This helps us become present to the moment and thus easier to notice whether the thoughts swimming through our minds are taking us in the right direction or the opposite way.

It’s only when we are unconscious to the fact that our thoughts might be harming us and re-creating the same nightmarish experience that we remain trapped.

When we don’t have structure to our thoughts then by default we are thinking by accident and this also effects our decisions in life. Thinking leads to actions leads to results. This is what is also known as unconscious living, when we are run by our minds without even knowing it.

Examples of structured thinking 

Whenever you next read a self help book, you can ask yourself these questions: Am I applying this into my life? Can I take action on this?

The next thought that pops up into your head: Is this thought empowering or disempowering? What benefit is there for me in thinking about this? Is this thought taking me towards the life I desire or away from it?

. How is this thought making me feel? Is it making me feel good or bad?

. Why did I think that? What benefit is there for me in judging?

There are a lot more structured thinking techniques but I think that should keep you going for today.

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