Welcome to my coaching page!

Nothing is more rewarding than personally coaching people to heal from their anxiety and panic attacks.

After having suffered from anxiety for so long, having a coach who has gone through the same thing is truly wonderful. Unfortunately, when I was going through it, I never had a coach or even knew that an anxiety coach existed. After learning what it takes to heal anxiety and panic through my own experiences and from help online, I wanted to be that coach I never had. I wanted to be that person who could pass on to other’s what has helped me heal my own anxiety and panic attacks.

These 1 – 1 coaching sessions are for you if…

  • You have resonated with my articles on this site and you would like to deepen your understanding and progress through coaching
  • You would rather put your trust in someone who has actually suffered and gone through anxiety and panic for over 19+ years (most of my life) instead of someone who is qualified but hasn’t experienced the disorder and just spouts information from a computer or a text book and doesn’t really know what they’re talking about
  • You’ve tried the conventional approaches to overcoming anxiety but have had no luck with them
  • You feel it’s more authentic to be helped through 1 – 1 coaching

What are the topics I cover during the sessions?

  • Why giving up the fight with anxiety is key
  • How to deal with anxious thoughts
  • How to deal with anxious sensations
  • How to end your fear of anxiety and panic attacks
  • How to move back into the world if you’ve been out of it for so long
  • How to deal with people and situations
  • How to deal with setbacks and perceive them in a way which makes you move on from them
  • The science behind the fear response and why this is so important to losing our fear of the fear
  • Why anxiety isn’t our enemy
  • What things make anxiety worse
  • Why having a routine of hobbies is very therapeutic
  • The counter-intuitive approaches that actually heal anxiety
  • And more…

What is a typical session like?

It can either be structured, as in through following a healing framework (including the topics mentioned above) I teach or it can be a spontaneous session where we just go over any questions that you might have about dealing with anxiety and/or panic attacks. For the more spontaneous sessions, each session will be different for each person depending on the questions being asked.  During the session, it’s usually common for me to add anything extra that I think will make your journey to healing from anxiety easier.

Will I feel comfortable during the session?

I try my best to make people feel at ease. You’ll be pleased to know that I don’t treat a client like a client. I treat them like a friend who is reaching out for help. If you are the type of person who isn’t worried about things being too formal and likes a laid back approach, then this is what a typical session feels like. You will never feel uncomfortable, out of place or asked anything that makes you feel on edge. You can put your trust in me to make your coaching experience as relaxed and harmonious as possible.

How is the coaching done?

You’ll be pleased to know that the private coaching sessions are done from the comfort of your own home. They are done through video calls. Either through Skype, Facebook Video Call or Google Hangouts.

For those of you who are too anxious to be on camera (no judgement here, I know how it is), then phone calls or voice call is another option. To be honest, when I was highly anxious, I wouldn’t want to be on camera.

If you haven’t currently got any of these platforms installed, it doesn’t take long to set any of these up and if you need help, I can be here to assist you. Again, just send me an email to lawrence.selfempoweredlife@gmail.com for assistance.

Free unlimited email support in between sessions

Between each session, you can email me as many times as you like if you have any questions. Please send an email to lawrence.selfempoweredlife@gmail.com

Coaching Fees

The fees for 1 – 1 coaching: £45/$56 per session. 

Each session usually lasts for 1 hour but can go on longer if required for no extra cost. So, even if the session ended up being an hour and a half, you wouldn’t be paying anything extra because I’m good like that 🙂

Important information: I don’t hold anything back. This means that you are not missing out if you don’t do the coaching sessions. The articles on this blog will always remain free and nothing that is needed for healing yourself from anxiety is left out of the articles. The 1 – 1 private coaching sessions are for the people who would prefer the experience of having a coach guide them.

If you feel that you would be interested in having private 1 – 1 anxiety coaching sessions or have any questions in regards to coaching, feel free to get in touch at lawrence.selfempoweredlife@gmail.com

Many thanks!