Why Is The Ego So Destructive?

So why is the ego so destructive?

Well it is very destructive for many reasons, health and well being, your chances of being a success both financially and spiritually, it can be extremely destructive when involved in intimate relationships because the ego will feel it’s need to attain something through a particular person, feels it can strengthen it’s identity through attaching itself to a “lover” or a friend which relates to a normal relationship.

The ego is not really who you are, it is a false self created by your mind and it feels it’s need to control you because it feels threatened and always wants things to gain a deeper sense of self and tries to find happiness through external objects – this is just false. It loves to compete and always seeks conflict and it is not working in your favor, well not unless you intend to live a harmonious and joyful live free from negativity.

If you right down the fictitious entities thoughts and believes… you will see how ridiculous and insane they really are, this by the way will help to wake you up and see that you are not the one who is in control of your mind.

How your ego effects your happiness

Your ego effects your happiness in many ways… firstly you cannot become truly be happy if you are identified with your ego and it is playing a big part in your everyday life. The ego does all it can in keeping trapped in the past because it is scared of the present moment and the “future” because these are it’s own impending death. It wants you to keep repeating the same mistakes as much as possible, so you feel let down and haven’t got the urge to move forward with your life… the ego loves this as it strengthens it’s identity and it’s false sense of self.


How the ego effects your health

The ego is just a negative entity and the only way you can identify with it is if you are in a deeply unconscious state and you are also experiencing emotional pain, so obviously as it is negative, it has consequences for your health and well-being, the emotional pain which your ego creates in you.

It keeps vital life energy trapped inside different parts of your body (the pain body) which needs to be released in order to feel happiness and inner peace, this can only happen when you live in acceptance and surrender of your emotional pain, only by living in them states is it actually possible to overcome negativity.

You can then transmute your emotional pain into joy and peace.

One of the cunning illusions that the ego creates is that when you say you know something without applying the very thing which you think you “know”… then you really don’t know it and you only know it on an intellectual level.

One of the egos cunning illusions

The ego will switch off a part of your brain that likes to keep repeating the information until you definitley know it, the reason why this is destructive is because when you have read something and you think you know it, you then just consider it to be insignificant because you believe you know something… but as I mentioned earlier, unless you apply what you have learnt, then you don’t really know it, and knowledge without the action required is pretty much useless.

Also a pain body which is a build up of past pain and the pain you hold onto now and it continues to feed on your pain is what i will talk about now.

Your ego could also activate something inside of you which is known as the pain body and this can also be a massive issue during an intimate relationship, this can happen through emotional violence, physical violence, irritation, anger or a need to inflict pain on another person, The other person can then go into unconsciousness by reacting to your activity and then activate the pain body in themselves… then whats more both of you have your egos at the strongest level because you are both in the midst of the pain body.

I am confident you have gained enough information on why the ego is s destructive to your life and everything you experience, feel more than free to leave a comment in the section below if you would like to find out more about the ego and it’s disastrous patterns.


Peace & Love