The Wisdom Of Removing The Past & Future From Life

This is probably one of the biggest discoveries I and many people have come across in life, it is so mind blowing and powerful that i love reading about it all the time and actually applying it into my life which makes the real difference. Here, today i want to talk about the wisdom of removing the past and future from life and how it will have enormous results in the way you feel, think and do in all areas of life.

remove past & future

When you realize and then start to live in a way that the present moment is all you ever have and cannot escape from it no matter what happens, then it can be seen from a perspective that life becomes more enjoyable and effortless.

The reason why I believe/know you should remove the past and future from your lives is because they don’t really exist in actuality, they only exist as mental concepts, memory and anticipation, the past gives you an identity which you derive your sense of self from and the future is just an imagination in the mind, something which is seen as fulfillment and that you need to attain something in the future to make your life more meaningful.

As these two meaningless concepts are just thoughts in the mind, they really don’t have any value to your life or the life you truly desire, if you continuously live in the past then you will be experiencing a lot of regret, shame, resentment etc and will see the present as a means to an end and the future as an escape mechanism.

By focusing your mind on the future you really do miss the best bits in life, because if you are not living in the now then life will only be 20% enjoyable as it would be if you lived every moment in the present moment – whereas it would be 100% enjoyable.

Living for the future and hoping that one day everything will be achieved and attained is nothing more than a cunning illusion, it really does put a massive barrier up in the way to you actually living the best and most enjoyable life possible – it will keep you in a continuous loop and all you will get is more living in the future and for that “one magical day” that never comes.

If your always living in time then you will always be stuck in some thought and emotional pattern and your mind will kept out of the one thing that is out of time, the timeless now.

The solution to living a harmonious life

The solution is to living a harmonious is to live life in the present moment at all times of course, to be so present that you feel the life energy within every cell of your body and allow thoughts to come into your mind and just allow them to be without any mental resistance towards them, resistance by the way is a massive weakness and barrier if you want to live in freedom from negativity.


So surrender your life to the present moment and there will be no need to focus on the past and future because everything that gets created happens in the now.

Removing past and future form your mind and life really doesn’t require a lot of effort to be totally honest, all you have to do is understand deeply that the present moment is all exists and the only use the past and future occasionally have when they are needed is for the practical purposes of your life, for example using to use the past so you don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

That’s when the past can be helpful.

Every time you find yourself slipping into some thought pattern about the past or future, then use that as a reminder to be more alert and present,

There’s a simple but truly powerful question which you can ask yourself very often that easily keeps or takes you into the present moment, the question you should ask yourself is, Am I present now? just ask yourself this question as much as possible throughout the day and will be shocked at how powerful it is and how beneficial it is.

I’m sure you gained a lot of reasons why you should consider removing time illusions from your life, if you want to live the most harmonious, negative free life, feel free to leave a comment in the section below and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Peace & Love