How to Be Happy Almost Instantly

Hey there everyone 🙂

In today’s post I want to talk to you about “how to be happy almost instantly”.

It involves a technique which I learnt in a personal development book, it’s called Creating A Bug Free Mind if you want to be specific.

It’s six words which can be repeated over and over again to make you feel good anytime you like.

This is a shorter post than usual but I feel that it didn’t have to take a long post to get the message across.

This technique/statement which I will be sharing with you is so very powerful that once practiced can bring about instant happiness and joy in any situation you find yourself under, whether it be stressful and manic, it can be practiced on a bus, in your car, on a train, at work, in you house or anywhere you desire.

The goal behind all goals

The ultimate goal in life is to feel really good, you should aim to feel good as often as you can because the more you feel good, guess what? You will create more feeling good in your mind and life.

Feeling negative and bad is out of harmony and is the furthest thing you want to experience, that maybe how you are feeling at this moment but don’t worry, this can and will be fixed.

Feeling positive and good is a must have if you want to live the best and happiest life possible, which is the only sane way to life right!

A video below captured from the author of A Bug Free Mind – Andy Shaw, He will be explaining about the instant happiness technique.

I trust you enjoyed watching that video?

==>Also, here is the first 5 chapters of Creating a bug free mind by Andy Shaw.<==

Don’t underestimate the shear power this precious gift can give you, even though it his simple and is only six words, it is very radical.

Whenever you find yourself feeling low, anxious, angry, tense, depressed, or just an underlining background noise of negativity, you will be able to think about these six words, repeat them in your mind for as long as possible and start to feel the stress and negativity simply drift away.

Six magic words

So the 6 magic words are… “I choose to be happy now”

Practice repeating “I choose to be happy now” in your mind or out loud as often as possible when you find yourself in situations where it can be a challenge to remain positive and happy.

If you don’t want to say it out loud then just whisper it or move your lips.

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Doing this will produce a new positive habit that you will really love and what also is great is the fact that your brain loves creating habits, we do it all the time… but this time it will a healthy non – negative habit.

Another realization is that no thought stands still, every thought which arises within your mind, either helps you or hurts you, either takes you towards your desired life or away from it.

Pretty simple stuff but may take a while to get past the barriers of your mind.

Practice this now for just ten – fifteen minutes of and you’ll see changes in your mindset and mood, however you might not see changes occur that quickly and feel good, just keep repeating that statement in your mind over and over again until you start to feel… well “happy” 🙂

Repetition is a master skill and should be a skill you use often, a lot of people tend to practice something and don’t repeat it often, this obviously is not good and will keep being in the “next technique” loop.

Maybe the new technique or exercise will have the answer etc.


I’m sure you have enjoyed this post as much i have writing it, there really is no limit to how good you can make yourself feel at any time.

If you would like to find out more about A Bug Free Mind, then check out my own personal review of it.

Instant happiness is the goal and with practice of this technique it will be impossible to not achieve 🙂

Thanks =)

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