The Power Of Now, Living In The Moment Book Review

The power of now is definitely one of the best books I have read in my entire existence because of the truth and shear power behind it.

Also it has had an enormous impact on my life, I will explain more on that later on.

A quick summary of The Power of Now

It was first published in 1999 by a German man named Eckhart Tolle, before becoming a writer/spiritual teacher, Elkhart Tolle studied at Cambridge university and spent many years in an anxious and depressive state, he mentions in the book that one night he went through a very emotional experience which nearly drove him to suicide.

The thoughts which kept playing through his head were “I cannot live with myself any longer”. During this continuum of thought, Eckhart suddenly realized something , he began to question, who is the I and myself that I can no longer with.

There must have been two of him, he thought.

His brain completely froze on this question.

After completely accepting the suicidal state he was in, he began to undergo a shift in consciousness which remarkably transformed his whole life.

The words resist nothing entered his mind and he surrendered to life. He said it was like he was being drawn into a void effortlessly and he just accepted it.

Suddenly he noticed things differently around his room, things had an added dimension to them, they seemed sharper and more real. He was like he had just been born into this world, everything felt so fresh and clear.

Insights I took from The Power of Now

I have read the power of now a lot of times for many reasons, firstly because its such a meaningful book and I feel I learn something new every time I read it and secondly because it keeps me very awake and present.

Most of the book discusses ways of overcoming human unconsciousness and up until a few years a go, I lived in an unconscious state just like the majority of humanity. Ever since reading the power of now it has made me live every moment in the present and be grateful for everything, helped me overcome unconsciousness and made me realize that every change comes from the inside.

For example I am no longer attached to external forms and no longer need external “stuff” for my happiness, which is great because I can just be myself and not ever worry about attaining or achieving something other than who I am already.

The things which really stood out for me in this book were understanding that the present moment (now) is the only thing that exists and is all we ever have. How time is a real illusion, also about finding out what a pain body is and how to actually overcome it. Another factor which this book discusses is the ego and how it is stopping us from living a truly fulfilling and harmonious life and apply the things to dissolve this negative entity.

There are tons more of crucial, helpful insights to understand in this outstanding book.

I’m extremely confident that you have learnt a lot from this post and please feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share what insights you gained from reading it.