How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

In today’s post I will be covering the topic “how to overcome the fear of failure”, I’m sure this will be a big relief for many people when they see the phrase “overcome fear of failure” because the fear of failure is such a nightmare and tormentor in so many peoples lives, it is a very destructive mind pattern which desperately needs to be dissolved from the mind for true freedom and happiness.



The fear of failure is no more than an illusion albeit a very cunning one.

No negativity is acceptable in the personal development world and it shouldn’t be acceptable to anyone, but many millions have allowed themselves suffer from this debilitating mindset so it is very important to tackle this issue, it really is an obstacle which is holding up your progress and postponing your journey to removing all negative thoughts and emotions.

The information which I am about to share with you is powerful stuff and may take a few reads to completely absorb its importance and realize the shear truth behind the message, as always i am not into rushing things so by all means, take your time.

People are blind to the truth 


People who have a fear of failure don’t actually realize that it is holding them back of their full potential and success, a lot of creative energy is wasted when trying to fight with their fears, It’s truly because they/you are very afraid that they/you will be in a worse position than they/you are now before taking any action or they/fear that things will be worse off after taking action, so you can see that this state of mind is very immobilizing.

As for the way the laws of the universe work, whatever you fear and think about becomes your reality, so obviously by fearing that things will be worse off than they are now is not what you want and will actually be a reality for you if you don’t remove the fear of failure.

The good thing is that if we actually take action and do the thing we are afraid of then it usually nine times out of ten, turns out to be the best thing that can happen to us anyway, so basically where is the need to have a fear of failure?

It really is pointless and is not helping us attain our desired life. I bet many people have experienced the situation where you are worrying about it and after confronting the thing/situation that you are afraid of, it actually wasn’t that bad after all – What a relief!

How to actually remove the fear of failure


If you want to dissolve your fear of failure for good and have complete control over it then please stick around, the actual way of overcoming this destructive mindset involves asking yourself a very crucial question which on a deeper level, you will completely understand and see the power behind it.

Also the ego which i haven’t mentioned in this post, is the mind created self which is responsible for the negativity and drama that you experience throughout your life, the ego is very afraid of seeing you succeed so it does all it can to keep you trapped where you are because that is how it gets it’s life support from, basically it’s like a vampire and sucks on your negativity to give it life and if there is no negativity present, it will create more of it.

It also plays a fundamental part in your fear of failure and wants to see you fail because it only knows of your past mistakes and will try to show them to you, the ego is very ignorant.

The question you need to ask yourself is, “What actual benefit can the fear of failure have for me in helping me get to where i really desire to go?”

Also i didn’t mention that the ego is very insecure and it will try to protect you from challenges or facing “danger” which doesn’t really exist, so you might have answered, “well my fear of failure is protecting me from something going horribly wrong.”

You know for well that having the fear of failure can not benefit you in anyway at all, it is all negative and doesn’t create anything positive. But when your ego reacts to you realizing the truth, don’t judge it, just observe what reactions, thoughts and emotions your ego is bringing to the surface, this way you grow in power instead of reacting to it in a negative pattern.

So there you go, you need to practice asking the question above and eventually it will click and you will finally realize how insane and ridiculous having the fear of failure really is.

If you are still not sure and would like some more answers, then make sure you leave a comment in the section below.