The Power Of Space – The Benefits

In this post I will explain with you the power of space. Everything in the universe is created by space –  pure empty space, in fact a big part in the creation of the physical universe is actually empty space.

What’s not there is more important than what is there… What do I mean by this? Well what makes up the totality of the room you are currently sitting in, Is it the furniture in the room, the chairs, tables, shelves, dresser etc?

No it isn’t, they are just externalized objects in the room. Is it the floor, walls and ceiling of the room… no because that would just define the boundary of it.

However the most important aspect of the room is the empty space which enables every external thing to exist, without it there would of course be no room to see.

That is what I mean when I say “what’s not there is more important than what is there.”

How space can heal your mind and body


By focusing on the space which surrounds us, we can create inner space in our minds, the external objects in space can be likened to the content in our minds, such as thoughts, emotions and the senses.

Empty space in the mind is without thought… in other words it is the pure consciousness of which is our true nature. If there wasn’t consciousness, then there wouldn’t be any emotion, thought and a perception of the senses.

Empty space can be found by realizing that every physical thing is surrounded by a field of space, this in turn will create inner space where relaxation and an interruption of mind dominance takes place, many people suffer from incessant thinking, non stop thinking is an awful habit to get into and it is sometimes challenging to break.

This is one way where you can start to dis-identify from the mind and create inner peace and a deep healing is possible.

Regular practice of becoming ‘aware’ of outer and inner space will keep you grounded and is awesome for your well being.

It takes no effort to become aware of  the outer space in life, because it is in everything, it is everything.

So there is no need to try hard to become aware of inner space because as I’ve already mentioned earlier, focusing on outer space really does automatically takes your attention onto the inner space which is always there hiding in the background of the noisy, tiring and conditioned mind.

Meditation is another way where you can pay attention to empty space.

During a meditation practice, just become aware of your mind experiencing no thoughts, sometimes your mind will be full of unwanted thoughts and other times during continuous practice of silencing the mind…

A clear empty space can become apparent and this can take you into a state of deep tranquility.

No thoughts just pure emptiness of the mind, this is a real liberating experience and I would recommend meditation to anyone who isn’t currently practicing it on a daily basis.

What to learn from space


There is so much to learn from space because it is the essence of existence, everything is made up of emptiness, pure empty space…

Scientists will tell you that even the trillions of atoms which make up the human body are made up of 99.9999% empty space, I think this is quite fascinating if I am being honest with you.

The thing about space is that you can not make it into an object of knowledge/understanding because in it’s essence, it is complete nothingness, emptiness.

The magical, phenomenal existence is allowed to exist in all kinds of different forms including stars, black holes, galaxies, planets, comets, humans, animals, blades of green grass etc, because of this peculiar nothingness.

How could you study and find out lots about no-thing? You couldn’t.

Without the infinity and vastness of space, nothing could be because space allows everything to exist. The strange fact about space is that it doesn’t even have an existence but at the same time it allows all life and matter to be.

There is definitely a mysterious quality to it, It’s extremely hard to grasp and in my opinion it is beyond the minds understanding, you don’t necessarily need to understand space to make it an important part of your life, you just need to become aware of it to experience the full effectiveness of it.

I am pretty confident that you have understood how important space is to our existence, it is one of the main keys we can use to unlock inner peace and deep healing.

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Peace & Love

Lawrence 🙂