Worrying, What is the point?

This is a very big area which a lot of people struggle to overcome, Worrying, What is the point?

Well to get straight to the point there really is no point in worrying because whatever we are worrying about we will have to deal with it when the time comes, so what is the benefit of worrying about it?


Did you get that? whatever you are worrying about now is completely meaningless because you will have to deal with it at the time it comes up anyway.

Also whatever you are worrying about usually turns out to be not so bad anyway, we all have experienced this at some point in our lives.

Well there isn’t any benefit is there! You know this is true and that this negative habit doesn’t give you one single benefit.

A lot of people cling to their worries as if they were a valuable possession that they cannot afford to lose, how have we allowed ourselves to accept such insane behavior into our minds and lives, well the answer it pretty simple, our egos like to hang on to our negativity because it can only learn from the past and gets it’s identity strengthened through worrying.

Worrying feeds the ego and it keeps alive and grows in strength by clinging onto negative thoughts and emotions.

Also did you know that worrying is classed a socially acceptable thing to do because almost everyone is suffering from this mind made disease, but just because almost everyone is suffering from it, does not make it acceptable and sane does it? Especially when you intend to live a very happy and fulfilling live. Worrying has to be cut out from your life just like cancer has to be cut out from your body.

Worrying is not natural

Have you realized that no other life form on earth suffers from the negative condition called worry, have you ever seen a tree or a fox suffer from worry or low self esteem? A cat worrying about tomorrow or dwelling on the past? It really is not natural even if you have been told it is or believe it is.

It is clearly a human creation and exists because people are not present in the moment and are allowing their voice in their head to control their minds.

If we were consistently living in the present moment then the worrying habit would quickly dissolve because darkness (negativity) cannot survive in the presence of light (positivity)


A quick solution to overcoming worrying

As you are worrying we can confidently class worrying as anxiety yes? Well I used an anxiety elimination program to overcome my negative emotional condition and I was very shocked with the quick progress I made, I researched as much as i could on finding possible cures for overcoming anxiety and after a while it was my dad who came across something that we eventually put our trust in and purchased.

An anxiety cure may sound non-existent to some people or even to you, but the truth is they really do exist as it is only a matter of re-structuring your life and replacing your current anxious neural pathways with non-anxious ones.

The program which changed my life forever was something called The Linden Method, The Linden Method was created by an ex -sufferer who suffered for more than half of his life and finally ended his condition after questioning what ex sufferers did to change their lives for the better.

 If you would like to find out more information about this method then please make sure you leave a comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you almost instantly 🙂


Peace & Love