Freedom From Within – Finding Inner Freedom

Freedom From within, inspired by a friend.


Having freedom within when involved with health can be a real life changer for many people, especially people who have been diagnosed with a life threatening diseases.

This eventually leaves the sufferer with two choices, resistance or surrender. Resistance is about one of the worst things a person can do during ill health or really with anything, as it literally cuts you off from being, your true connectedness with the universe, nature, life, god.

Your cells with have a tough time regenerating when in the state of resistance, because the body struggles to function efficiently when fighting against what is, so the best choice you have is to surrender yourself completely to the present moment during ill health.

I don’t mean surrender yourself to the idea of an illness, but surrender to the present moment and you will instantly find a deep space of peace from within yourself, untouched and unharmed by anything.

There is great information about dealing with illness in a really awesome, life changing self help book called The Power Of Now, I’ll just go over a few of the things which were mentioned in that book.

“Illness is part of your life situation. As such it has a past and a future. Past and future form an uninterrupted continuum, unless the redeeming power of the now is activated through your conscious presence.”

“As you know, underneath the various conditions that make up your life situation, which exists in time, there is something deeper, more essential: your life, your very being in the timeless now. As there are no problems in the now, there is no illness either.”

“By focusing on this instant and refraining from labeling it mentally, illness is reduced to one or several of these factors: physical pain, weakness, discomfort, or disability. That is what you surrender to – now. You do not surrender to the idea of ‘illness.’

“Allow the suffering to force you into the present moment, into a state of intense conscious presence. Use it for enlightenment.”

There were excerpts taken from The Power Of Now, written by Eckhart Tolle.

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When your health is improving, this will give you huge inspiration to continue the journey back to wellness and you will have so much positive energy taking helping you get through the ‘tough’ times.


Originally I was going to call this part of the post, motivation. But instead I went for inspiration because this post is about freedom from within, usually we get motivation from external resources such as people motivating us to exceed beyond our limitations, watching motivational videos to kick us into gear, there are a lot of factors responsible for motivation, this is good and I am not knocking it in anyway, but it just hits a ceiling when we rely on outer resources instead of inner.

Inspiration is entirely different from motivation because inspiration comes from a deeper place.

It comes from the place within yourself that has nothing to do with anything with what you are doing in life.

You can inspire people simply by telling them what you have achieved or what problems you have overcome in your life which they are currently experiencing right now, and how you can help them, help themselves.

I am grateful for many people who have shown me the way, opened the door for me and with my own inspiration, I decided to make the best choice I could ever make by walking through.

I once suffered from an anxiety condition/disorder and I wasn’t enjoying life at all, I tried various methods of treatment but they all had only a temporary effect, they didn’t help me to overcome my problems, they didn’t even give me any inspiration whatsoever.

It wasn’t until my dad researched online and came across a person who I could relate to so much and I knew from that moment that this method would be different, however I was a little skeptical at first as most people are, after dedication from myself and inspiration from the author of the method, I overcame my issues after years of suffering.

Now that was true inspiration.

I felt so inspired from the inside because he was a person, no different from me who experienced high anxiety for  around twenty seven years of his life and he had inspiration from ex sufferers to overcome his anxiety, and his inspiration helped me get inspired to beat my mental health condition.


Relationships can sometimes be a challenging aspect of living, usually intimate relationships spark between pleasure and plain, love and hate as it is in the law of polarity’s, meaning you cannot have good without the bad.

However there is a way to go beyond the law of opposites in a relationship and that is by going deep within yourself rather than looking on the outside for external pleasure and gratification. A place inside yourself that is free from fear, conflict, misery, control and is at complete and utter serenity with life itself.

This may seem hard to access at first but that is because your mind will put up a fight against you discovering a way to beat the mind – created entity which is known as the inner voice or the ego.

By practicing inner body awareness, you can transcend the negative aspects of a relationship, or at least the negative thoughts and feelings you are experiencing at the time and this will also rub off on your partner.

What I mean by inner body awareness is paying attention to different parts of your body without judging them in anyway, if you learn to just focus on certain parts of your body for a while, you may notice a slight tingling sensation in the area which has your fullest attention.

This is because your body is coming alive, of course it is always is intensely alive, but because you are rarely consciously aware of your body then obviously you do not notice the buzzing sensations in your body.#

By practicing focusing your awareness on parts of the body, you get in touch with the inner body which is always undisturbed by thought, emotion and external events. This is the place where you can access higher intelligence, energy, love, compassion, creativity and harmony.

The reason why this can represent a major challenge for either you or your partner is because one of you could be in the highly conscious state or at least working towards consciousness/awakening out of the insanity of the minds content or one of you could be highly unconscious, also known as being identified with the mind, this is when you can’t break the horrible incessant habit of thinking, unconsciously finding suffering pleasurable and repeating the same mistakes of the past over and over again.

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Once again, I am confident you have really enjoyed the information shared here in this post, inner body awareness, living from within, is such a crucial way of living and can make a real, positive impact on your life forever.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you fee inspired by what I have written here.


Peace & Love

Lawrence 🙂