Accepting What Is Dissolves Negative Thoughts And Feelings

By putting up inner resistance to thoughts, emotions, reactions and life in general, you will suffer the consequences which are pretty destructive to your health, well-being and overall happiness.

Accepting what is dissolves negative thoughts and feelings.

There is no benefit to feeling negative, it takes you away from what you desire and hurts you. Let me say this again… nothing good will ever come from having and resisting negative thoughts and feelings, the good stuff will come once you finally understand that you MUST accept and surrender to the negativity, as that is where true universal power can be attained.

We assume that because a lot of people suffer from this unnecessary condition, that it’s just the way it is or it’s fine to be negative, well no it isn’t fine to be negative. It destroys peoples lives and others around them, well-being and you will not live the life of your dreams if you harbor negativity.

How people cope with negativity

A lot of people don’t actually know how to deal and dissolve negativity as why would they/we?

We have never considered it because we have never been programmed or trained to remove negative thoughts and feelings, a few have but most haven’t have they?…

People will find it difficult to overcome and let go of negativity because they have a part of their lives invested in it… they have become so attached to their negative thoughts and feelings that unconsciously they don’t want to improve their lives on a positive level and dissolve their negative issues.

When you live in a permanent state of acceptance, people will start to notice how calm and joyful you have become, this sometimes threatens other people who are deeply insecure about themselves because they have ego’s trying to keep them in misery, so being calm and positive would seem scary to the mind made self, the ego.

I also obviously had a burning desire to end the unnecessary suffering I inflicted on my self. This is key when you are i the midst of intense suffering.


How I overcame my negative condition

The main way I overcame my negativity was of course just by accepting what was and surrendering to the fact that I was creating all of the unwanted, pointless suffering myself.

However there were a few books and programs I used to give me awesome, effective techniques to disabling my problems when I ‘needed’ to and to help me get a better understanding of whatever I was experiencing at that time.

I used an anxiety elimination program called The Linden Method and this really was my solid foundation to recovery as it taught me to dissolve and reprogram the anxious, fearful pathways to non-anxious, fearless pathways which happened over a surprisingly short period of time. You do this my putting your life in structure, finding a powerful distraction and following a set of principles.

Around the linden method or after I had completed my foundation for recovery, I purchased a few personal development books and they also really helped me a lot.

The first set of books I was interested in and bought were called Creating A Bug Free Mind & Using A Bug Free Mind, these two books are really mind programming and they teach you to dissolve all negative thoughts and feelings by observing them and realizing that they hold no benefit whatsoever and they also teach you the main thing I have shared in this article – Acceptance!

It is not surprising that acceptance is in these books and most great self-help books because it really is one of the most powerful, natural techniques that one can possess… If every human on the planet learnt the art of acceptance then the all life on earth would change in an unrecognizable way.

The other books I was thoroughly interested in were by an author named Eckhart Tolle and his books contain life changing information to implement into your life.

The main book of his collection is called The Power Of Now and it is all about living in the present moment and that is where all stress, fear, worry, anxiety, irritation, phobia… basically you name all the bad side to emotion and it gets dissolved by focusing your attention completely on the present.

Why do all problems disintegrate in the NOW?

All problems cannot survive for long in the present because this moment is the only thing we ever truly have, it’s the only reality.

So as it’s the only reality, problems either are left alone and accepted as they are or they are just dealt with. As there is no past and future in the present moment, no time in the now… then no problem can last long as problems and suffering need time.

You don’t make a personal problem out of them by energizing them through identification with thoughts and feelings.

Because if you had time, then you would create a personalized victim story from your problems from when they began in the past etc.

So accepting the present moment for what it is, without reservation… is about one of the most important factors you can ever do in your life.

Why is acceptance crucial?

It is crucial because it is one of the most powerful tools we possess and requires virtually zero effort to achieve… all you do is drop all your resistance to everything.

Imagine carrying heavy, annoying and useless baggage for so long that you have become accustomed to it, however the time comes when you need to drop the useless, valueless baggage because it is ruining your life and you cannot bear to go on living this way, so you drop it and feel extremely relieved and grateful.

It is pretty simple to drop as well as you just surrender to your thoughts and feelings and instead of putting up a fight, you just allow them to flow through you without you clinging onto them… just imagine becoming transparent to everything.

I am pretty confident you have enjoyed and learnt a fair lot from this post as I did writing it, feel more than welcome to leave a comment in the section below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Peace & Love 🙂