Don’t Try To Find Yourself In External Objects

Please for your benefit and well being, don’t try to find yourself in external objects… It simply will not work, or it will only benefit you for a short period of time and inevitably you will be fall back into disillusionment and frustration. When you’re not rooted in being. When you seek yourself in ‘form’, you might be happy for a while when you obtain that object. but since no thing is permanent, it is bound to disappear, or you will.

Have you ever purchased any thing you thought would bring you joy and so shortly once had no a lot of interest in it? Having possession is ephemeral satisfaction, created through dis-contentedness and unity. buying things for joy is commonly a vicious circle.

From my very own expertise, I will make sure that it is easy to travel looking once you are bored rather than finding a lot of artistic or productive ways that to pay some time. (Imagine the quantity of cash you’d save if your mind would not tell you the way bored you are!)

Basically nothing outside of ourselves will ever keep as permanently satisfied, materialistic things may give us temporary happiness and pleasure but they will never give us the truth which we so badly desire, which is true happiness and joy… It can only be experienced through our selves as that is our natural state of being, an inner contentedness to all that is.

The problem with becoming attached

It is so easy to become attached to things in this world because it really takes no effort when we think about it. I have experienced this before by becoming attached to a person who I ‘liked’.

I am sure a lot of you will be thinking that it’s a healthy obsession when you fancy/like someone, however I believe that it isn’t because it is merely a grasping and a needy state of mind which is trying to cover up some hidden resistance or emotional pain.

People often get attached to things like pets, cars, houses, different kinds of foods etc. Basically it is a destructive cycle to be in because when we lose someone or something, we often feel empty and meaningless inside and a deep loathing can sometimes occur, thoughts and feelings of fear, depression and incompleteness is quite common. A lot of people have ended their lives because of a break up with a partner, a loss of a loved one or a pet.

There will always be a hole at the bottom of whatever you are meaning to fill if you try to find salvation and freedom through ‘things’. Millions, if ot billions of people live their lives in this materialist trap and it really does destroy lives.

And since you’ve attached and identified yourself with that ‘thing’ or relationship, you will also fear losing that object, or relationship, for it means losing yourself. (Of course that’s an unconscious assumption).

Give up your attachment

This is a plan that, for many people is therefore difficult to understand and that i ought to tell you that it had been on behalf of me too, (it still is) however it’s not actually unrealistic to do.

You become a master at this with continued practice and regain inner strength and are not then living in expectation that things should give you happiness and completeness.

The instant you detach yourself from all things, (and that doesn’t mean you hand over your love for them – as a result of love and attachment don’t have anything to do with each other, attachment comes from an area of concern, whereas love…

Well, real love is pure, kind, and self less, wherever there’s love there can’t be concern, and since of that, attachment and love cannot coexist) you become therefore peaceful, therefore tolerant, so kind, so serene. you may get to an area wherever you may be ready to perceive all things while not even making an attempt.


Intense suffering can follow either route. You may become terribly deluded and endlessly living in an exceedingly cycle of making an attempt to search out your true sense of self in objects and you maybe unsuccessful each single time.

The marketing and consumer industry would go completely out of business if people stopped trying to find themselves through ‘things’ and found their true nature by accepting what is and surrendering which ultimately leads to freedom and enlightenment.

When an individual comes to a realization that one is everything in existence, whole with everything there is, in eternity, no disillusionment or suffering is possible.

Below is a fantastic and awakening video about escaping the materialism trap…


I am positive you have enjoyed reading and understanding this post as I have writing it… feel free to leave a comment in the section below, especially if you have gone through the experience of becoming attached to external objects, as I know most of you will have, let’s face it, who hasn’t?

What is important is realizing that no matter what it is, a person, a car, an animal, anything that gives us pleasure will not actually bring us permanent joy.

Peace & Love