Is The Future Real? Or Is It An Illusion?



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Is the future real?

In my own experience and research, I have found the future to be just an imaginary situation… I am positive most/some will agree on this.

The illusion of the future can be a tough one for people to grasp but it doesn’t change the fact that it is just an illusion of the mind, Why? Because you can never experience the future in the future, only in the present moment as the present moment is the reality which we ever experience… all else is ultimately an illusion.

People spend most if not all their lives living for some future moment and actually have been trained since birth to think that everything positive and life altering will be experienced at some future point… but this is just an illusory thing as we only experience life now and it’s never not this moment.

People think and say things like… “maybe that job I start in two weeks will save me” – “possibly the next holiday we go on in 4 weeks will make me happy.”

Have you noticed that the things people/you think about doing at some later, future time only exist as thoughts in the mind because as I have already mentioned everything goes on in the present moment and nothing and I mean no-thing in your whole existence will never not be experienced in the”NOW”.


When and if you grasp the concept of what I am explaining here, your life will start to take on a new meaning and everything you do will be perceived differently to the way things are now if you are constantly living in the mind made future.

Why living in the future is a dysfunctional way to live

Well because if you live for the future, (remember this can only be experienced in the mind as thoughts and anticipation) then you are putting of living now and missing out on the only place where creation can happen which is in the present moment. Nothing can ever happen outside of the “NOW”… and nothing ever will…

I have mentioned this so many times before in my posts so I won’t go into much detail about it here but this truly blew me away when I read about the past and future being illusions and that the present is the only thing we ever experience, sure we can live in the past and future but only in the imagination of the mind, they actually have no reality of their own.

I have now applied this concept into my life that only the present moment exists and that the past and future are just illusions… It has had some wondrous effects on my state of mind and life in general.

Living in the future creates fear

I have read about an important element in many self help books and what it I will explain is that whilst you are here in the present moment, you mind is off thinking about the future and wants to escape the present, which is perceived as meaningless to the unconscious/unaware mind… this creates something known as “the anxiety gap”.

You also have more chance of experiencing other mind ailments such as an anxiety disorder, fear, stress, dread and worry if you think that the next moment will be better than the here and now… this creates stress because you are putting internal pressure on yourself as you are not satisfied with reality which is always here and now and it’s literally tearing you apart inside as you cannot cope with something which doesn’t have any reality of it’s own… As Eckhart Tolle mentions in the power of now, the future is a mental phantom.

Because our minds are so, so powerful… we can actually make it seem as if the future is real and that it actually has a reality, this keeps people living in delusion and wanting to be away from the here and now, which is life itself.

I am sure you have enjoyed reading about how the future is merely a state of mind as much I have writing about it as this is something which I am thoroughly interested in because it has had enormous benefits to my life and experiences.

Make sure you leave a comment below if you are still not quite sure about the concept of past and future being real illusions and the only reality there is… is this moment. What you are thinking, feeling and doing right now is all that truly matters in life.

Peace & Love