The Best Way To Overcome An Anxiety Disorder

In my opinion the best way to overcome an anxiety disorder and overcome it quickly, I would say is The Linden Method.

The Linden Method is an anxiety elimination program created by Charles Linden, a former sufferer who experienced high levels of anxiety for many years up until he was twenty seven when he finally overcame it for good.

About the Linden Method


One of the main features of this program is something called the 10 pillars, these pillars are completely habit breaking and non anxious ones, they must be practiced and practiced until the anxious habit becomes destroyed and they really do work trust me.

Another fundamental factor of this method is diversion, diverting your conscious mind on something creative and challenging eventually feeds the subconscious mind new healthy non anxious neural pathways which replaces the old anxious ones.

This is something called operant conditioning which two scientists discovered a couple of centuries ago.

After a few weeks I was feeling very confident and well to go out and discover new things to do and see, I felt a little uneasy at first but this was because I wasn’t used to doing non anxious things again.

When your living life not worried about the future and not dwelling on the past, I cannot explain in words how great it feels.

The present moment is a real gift for us.


Like any people, Charles experienced anxiety for any reasons, sometimes his anxiety would get so bad, he couldn’t even leave the house most of the time, he would spend most of his hours curled up in the corner of the room next to a radiator because of the intense fear.

Charles would only start to calm down a bit when his girlfriend came home from work later on.

My thoughts about The Linden Method

Well what can I say, it really did have an incredible effect on my anxiety levels very quickly and not just my anxiety but my whole life.

It taught me that anxiety is only an emotion and a bad subconscious habit, not an illness… although it did feel as if I was ill at the time,  it also taught me how to structure my life in a non stressful and fun way.

My life wasn’t really structured before I found The Linden Method and I had a lot of mind space to dwell on the negativity.

What others thought about The Linden Method

An excellent video review of the linden method below…

ByDLon 31 May 2006
This book has helped transform my daughter. The change is unbelievable. She can now go back out to work and lead a normal life. Thanks a million.

By Gilly123 on 30 December 2010
This method and Charles transformed my life. I was suffering dreadfully with anxiety and the dreaded sensations that occur when one is suffering. When I first read the book I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was carbon copy of myself. Daily life was so hard. I couldn’t work. I was scared to go out and right from day one of receiving the pack I started to get better. Now I am my old self, working hard, running round after my Son and basically enjoying life to the max. You really really have to buy this. If you want your life back give it a try. It is an absolute Godsend.

The method obviously doesn’t work for everyone (i.e. the guy from Cork) but with the money-back guarantee I can’t see why anyone should have reason to be displeased. If it works – great, if not – invoke the guarantee. What’s with all the negativity ?

Why I don’t agree with anti anxiety medication


I don’t agree with medication because they do not cure a negative emotional condition and only cover up the thoughts and sensations, it’s like putting a metal sheet in between your nerves, remove the metal sheet and the sensations and thoughts return at a much more intense rate.

Pills can have a temporary effect but they are not good in the long run because they only postpone your anxiety elimination journey and can lead to unhealthy addictions.

I’m sure you’ve gained some useful insight from this helpful post, I cannot recommend this method enough as it really is a simple and powerful solution to overcoming negativity.

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