Here is a list of people who have educated and inspired me throughout the last few years. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it. Without you the content on this site wouldn’t exist. Reading is such a powerful medium. Not only does it teach us to look at life through different perspectives, It allows us to take what we learn and share it with others.

Charles Linden
Adam Oakley
Eckhart Tolle
Andy Shaw
George Leonard
Thomas M. Sterner
Vishen Lakhiani
James Clear
Robert Maurer
Charles Duhhig
Jeff Olson
Simon Sinek
Dr Robert Anthony
Ryan Holiday
Mark Manson
S.J. Scott
Gary Keller
Austin Kleon
Steven Pressfield
Hugh Macleod
Leo Babauta
Leo –
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Koi Fresco
Lewis Howes
Garret Kramer

I know there is more to go on this list. I will add others as more come to mind.