How to Relax When You’re Experiencing Tension and Negative Thoughts

Sometimes I struggle to write a chunky post around a point which can be explained in a couple of paragraphs or even a single paragraph. And so I’ve stopped caring that my articles have to be a certain length. After all, getting to the point of the topic is the most important thing, that’s what everyone wants and needs. Hell… that’s what I always want and need.

Anyway before I lose your attention due to the boring start to this article, let me get straight to the point by explaining to you what the most effective relaxation technique is when you’re experiencing tension and negative thoughts.

I don’t know about you but when I experience tension and negative thoughts, I usually get all frustrated due to the fact that I’m experiencing tension and negative thoughts, or at least I used to. That was until I learnt from someone a lot smarter than me that the best thing I could possibly do when experiencing tension and negative thoughts is to allow them to be exactly as they are.

This might go against our natural instincts to fight against the unwanted tension and thoughts, but this is actually far more successful than getting all worked up over it. I’ve said this hundreds of times already on my blog and I’ll probably say it much more as time goes on.

But the point is that fighting against how you feel and think will just create more of what you’re trying to escape from. You can never win the battle by trying to escape from how you feel. The only way you can melt away the tension which in turn will diminish the unwanted thoughts you’re experiencing is to give up the fight.

Allow them to wash over you. In fact, what I’ve found helpful is to actually embrace the tension and unwanted thoughts. Learn to be okay with them being in your inner space. Learn to stop feeling threatened by them. Okay, this is easier said than done but practice will get you there.

It really is about changing your approach towards how you feel and think. This is especially true when you’re making an attempt to relax. Listening to a relaxation audio is a perfect example. I used to always let the negativity inside of me win every time I tried to relax this way. I would try to block out the thoughts and feelings whilst listening to a relaxation audio and I would end up tying myself in a knot of tension and anger by the end of it.

There’s nothing you have to do. Don’t try and stop your thoughts. Don’t try and change your thoughts. Don’t try and stop your tension. Don’t try and escape from your tension. Allow it be exactly as it is without wanting it to be gone.

This sounds weird and even backward to conventional advice, but it’s absolutely healing in it’s effects. If what you’re doing isn’t working, then it’s time to change. And coming from a place of acceptance towards your thoughts and tension is a must. Otherwise you will continue to empower the suffering.

I’m not saying this will cure your tension and stop negative thoughts. I’m saying that it will help you relax into an inner environment of peace and empowerment where you won’t be so troubled by the tension and thoughts.

There’s more to be done than just allowing yourself to be okay with experiencing negativity. That is still a very important factor in overcoming it but it’s not all there is to it.

Read my article about beating anxiety using neuroplasticity here to learn about how to replace it. As that is the main KEY.

Until next time

Peace, love and empowerment!

Lawrence Gregory


Lawrence Gregory

Hi I'm Lawrence. I write about what has helped me heal/recover from high anxiety and panic attacks. Everything I share here comes from personal experience and what I've learnt from others. I write with honesty and with readers in mind, so you'll never see me share something I haven't had any experience with myself.

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