Creating A Bug Free Mind – The Negativity Busting Book

I first was introduced to this book “creating a bug free mind” a couple of years ago now and what i can say is that it really does put you in the right frame of mind almost instantly – It teaches you to get back your natural success mindset.

It’s also a structured thinking system that teaches you “how to think” not “what to think”, in the process you will remove all negative thoughts and emotions

It’s pretty much a work book which gets you absorbed into positive exercises and truths, after applying the information in this book, it’s pretty much impossible to not see positive results, it’s a reprogramming of the mind, free from ego or “the nutter” which is frequently called by the author Andy Shaw.

The nutter/ego loves keeping you in a negative state with yourself and with others, it’s main purpose is to keep you stuck in the past because it knows nothing else and is scared of the present moment and future.

It will do all it can to keep you out of the present moment as the present moment is the egos own impending death. It cannot survive in the present moment just as no negativity can.

The present moment is the only moment there is, the key to happiness and true living.

Creating a bug free mind has a few chapters in the book which when applied will help you to remove this corrosive, insane bug from your mind, although the ego can be satisfying to some people, it literally is keeping you stuck in the negative mindset and stopping you from reaching your sanity.


Negativity is a disease of the mind and without any powerful knowledge and techniques on how to conquer it, you will remain trapped in your mind and will be repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Other things you will learn about in this book

Basically you will learn to remove all the negative thoughts and emotions that you frequently encounter on a daily basis.

Accepting what is will teach you to hold no resistance to life and the situations, mind programming and people you meet.

You will learn how to remove all fears and anxieties which currently plague your life with misery and dread.

How judging people is a very bad habit to get into and that you should avoid judging anyone or anything if you truly desire to live a positive and fulfilling life.

You will also learn about how believing in someone thing is actually a weakness that is preventing your success and happiness.

The powerful thought technique

This book also mentions very effective ways to stop negative thinking in it’s tracks and helps you build up a strong positive force field by getting you to think of something positive which you’ve experienced in your life for just 15 seconds, you might believe that 15 seconds of positive thought is easy, but trust me it isn’t.

Your mind in it’s unconscious, negative state is full of horrible thoughts and the mind will not just shut up, so it can take some effort to tame it.

You may even find it hard to hold just 3 – 4 seconds of positive thought as the author and I did.

After continuous practice, you will eventually be able to hold 15 seconds of positive thought a day. It will feel great to have some control over your mind since childhood or even for the very first time when things like negativity hardly existed… if at all.

Then when 15 seconds of positive thought becomes easy, you can then extend it to 15 minutes a day of continuous happy thoughts, this by the way is done by writing out a list of all the things you are grateful for in life and thinking about them in turn.

Being grafeful for things which you have or had will make even more grateful for things you haven’t got.

This will create tremendous power over negativity, nothing will dent your shield of positivity and confidence, all negative thoughts and emotions will simply subside.

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Feel free to leave any comments in the section below if you’ve had read this book and or are interested in finding out more, thanks.

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