By Surrendering To Life, You Can Quickly And Easily Remove Stress

Even though it might sound like weakness, by surrendering to life, you can quickly and easily remove stress, it happens to be the real truth and it has an array of extremely positive and potent effects on ones own existence.

I have applied the art of surrender to my life now for quite sometime and it has saved me lots and lots of painful, useless experiences, it has freed me from the prison of the mind and allowed me to accept the ‘isness’ of this moment.

Surrender is also very effortless, and when in the midst of stress or a negative thought pattern, one can remember and be relieved that they have an enormously powerful weapon at their disposal, it really does burn away all the doubt and fear of life.

In my opinion, surrendering to what is, is the only sane way to live in this world and to function properly.

If one doesn’t surrender to life, then be sure they will experience a lot of resistance, pain and suffering. It is quite insane to internally resist the direct experience of this moment.

In fact resisting the present moment is totally insane because the present is the only thing which exists… it’s the only thing we can actually experience. Past and future exist as just thought forms, memory and anticipation… nothing more, nothing less.

So by resisting the only thing we truly have, what a massive waste of precious life that would be!

Can you see how so many peoples lives are ultimately dysfunctional? As you might be aware of this tendency yourself, they are too busy focusing on what happened in the past or what ‘may’ happen in the imagined future. Whilst focusing on creations of the mind, i.e past and future, they miss the most important thing in their lives, they miss life itself, which is always right here and now.

If people who live with their minds in the past and future, just surrendered to the eternal now, then they would automatically come to a still place inside themselves and everything would be perceived as an effortless and joyful play, their life would cease to be a struggle and a false promise, a promise of salvation is accessible here and now, rather than being falsely promised  by an ‘imaginary future’.

How to actually surrender

Well, surrendering is an extremely simple technique to apply to ones life, it is just like dropping unnecessary baggage that you wish to not hold onto anymore. I mean dropping resistance to the present moment as if you would drop something which is just too heavy to carry, or an object which is boiling hot.

The relief that one experiences when going through the mechanism of surrender, is just speechless. (Incredible!)

Surrender is when you give up creating inner conflict to what you are currently experiencing in this moment, (your life can never be outside the now.)  This means that you no longer argue with any of the thoughts or emotions that play about in the awareness that you truly are. When you resist what is, you inevitably create inner turmoil/suffering and life becomes hard and a horrendous chore.

Any particular book I recommend on surrender?

Yes there is an exciting and extremely life altering book which is called “The Ecstasy Of Surrender” and it talks about applying surrender to ones life experiences can create an increasing state positivity and great power around the things we commonly do or encounter in life such as , friends, family, relationships, love, nature, careers, finances etc.

You will find out over time by reading this book, that by surrendering to the universe, the universe moves through you and expresses itself through you. Surrendering to life opens up the timeless dimension within oneself, where they can feel there connectedness to their true being.

Enlightenment is something which you already possess, you don’t need to seek for it or try to find it, because it is our natural state of existence,  only the conditioned mind obscures the true reality from within.

It is laid out in easy, applicable steps to take you on a journey of the beauty of surrender.

You can actually check out the magnificent title “The Ecstasy Of Surrender” by heading over to the amazon marketplace right here.

I know that you have gained a lot of helpful and life altering information here in this post, it is kind of short but full of quality and delight.


Peace & Love 🙂