Having Purpose is Key – Anxiety Recovery

My purpose when I was suffering

Even during the years of suffering from high anxiety ( which was most of my life), I still had a purpose.

The purpose back then was to heal/recover from anxiety. Even though I wasn’t told by anyone that healing/recovering from inappropriate anxiety was possible, I still believed I could be healed.

I now know that having this desire/purpose was very important for me in actually recovering.

Recently, I’ve talked about why being obsessed with anxiety recovery might actually be holding us back. Whilst I still agree with this, having a desire to recover is still imperative to actually making progress, in my opinion.

If I didn’t have this purpose, I wouldn’t have bothered to go through all of the treatments to eventually arrive at the right destination. I would have remained stuck in a rut repeating the same old anxious habits time and time again.

Purpose is what drives the human race forward. Without purpose, it’s very easy for us to stagnate. Stagnation is not healthy. Even after recovery, I wanted to protect my non-anxious state so much that I didn’t want to venture out of my current safe zone that I had built for myself.

This was the comfort zone that formed after I reached a certain level where I felt really, really good. I didn’t want to risk losing this state so I kept myself in a comfort bubble.

Then, it became too much. It started to affect my mental health so I knew I had to make some changes. I had a new purpose – to push outside of my comfort zone again.

I looked back and realised that where I was today was the result of slowly edging out of my comfort bubble. I understood that if I wanted to overcome this current state of stagnation, I needed to do new things.

My purpose when I healed

I knew exactly what my purpose was once I gained the knowledge and tools to help me make a recovery from inappropriate anxiety. It’s my purpose right now and I believe it will be my purpose until the very end of my life.

The purpose, of course, is helping people to take their power back from anxiety and panic. After what I experienced, it only made sense to have this as my purpose.

This wasn’t something that I forced myself to do, or even something that I thought I should do. It just felt completely natural to do so. I had a pull towards this and nothing else. I knew people could benefit from the advice I share because it’s the same information that changed my life.

This purpose comes from being an anxiety sufferer, finding the right information that transormed my world and wanting to pass on this knowledge to others.

I wake up everyday with so much energy and focus. I’m always thinking about ways I can help people take back their power from this debilitating condition.

Having a purpose is an antidote to anxiety

I’ve mentioned about what my purpose was during and after anxiety. Now let me talk about why having a purpose for each and every day can act as an antidote for anxiety.

I would like you to imagine what your ideal day would look like. If you didn’t have anxiety, what sort of things would you be doing in your day? What would be your ideal job/career?

What hobbies would you be spending your spare time immersed in? What places would you be going to? Restaurants you would eat out at? Bars you would go for drinks at etc? What part of the world would you live in?

Perhaps there were things you did when you were younger that you need to reintroduce into your life to make you feel more like “you” again. There were certain things that I brought back into my life which I forgot about that really made me feel like me again. Stuff like my old favourite music, films and books.

Why not get a piece of paper and write down all of the things that you used to love doing and all of the things you would like to do in during your day.

Why is this important? Because it all comes down to what we focus on. What are we feeding our minds with? Anxiety or the things which empower us?

What keeps us in the anxiety disorder is choice. What are we doing in our day that creates more anxiety? What are we focusing on? How are we behaving and responding to the anxiety?

We can’t move on and let go of the anxiety if we are constantly making it part of our day.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”- Buckminster Fuller

Albert Einstein once said that doing the same things over and over again whilst expecting a different outcome is insanity.

It’s time for us to leave the old world of anxiety behind and step forth into a new world which is full of possibilities. Imagination combined with action is a very powerful recipe for making change.

This is why visualising or meditating on our ideal life whilst also taking action can work wonders.

If we want to create our most desirable life, then we need to start living that right now. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the thought of the big picture, let’s break it down and focus on one day at a time.

Remember, it’s all about baby steps. Taking things day by day. Visualising about our ideal day can be really exciting because it gives ourselves something to chew on other than anxiety.

This is how we can build confidence and momentum. Start doing things that you would want to be doing in your most desirable life. Of course, you may not be able to do the most exciting and biggest activities or lifestyle changes straight away.

I guess it all depends on how anxious you are at the moment. Just start on the smallest of things to help get your confidence up. Even if that’s buying the kind of clothes you would like to see yourself in.

This is what helped me get back out into the world again. I didn’t just blindly go out without a purpose. My purpose was to do the things that I genuinely wanted to do. I didn’t make it about conquering agoraphobia because this happened naturally as a result of doing the things which I was looking forward to doing.

One book I read talked about designing our ideal life. Where you really go into detail about how your ideal life would look like. What were the steps you took to make this a reality? What This is basically what I’ve talked about in this article. Whatever we focus on, we empower. If we decide to focus on how we want to lives to be like, then we can replace the anxiety with a new found lust for life.

This can be exciting stuff. It’s like putting the correct fuel into our engine. Having purpose is key. Having something to aim towards can help us so much. It gives us meaning when before we had confusion and felt lost.

I trust this post has made it clear that having a purpose in life can invigorate your soul and help to replace your focus on anxiety.

Feel free to let me know what you thought of this article. If there’s anything you’d like me to add in, then please say so.

Until next time 🙂