How I Honestly Find Happiness

It isn’t through reading happiness articles online
It isn’t through convincing myself that I’m happy through my “positive thoughts”
It isn’t through pretending to be happy when I’m not

There are a few things which I apply into my life that effortlessly raises my happiness levels as a by-product of doing these things. I become happy without even trying to be happy… if that makes sense?


I find happiness by immersing myself in hobbies. Activities like reading, listening to music, playing guitar, writing information I’m passionate about, cooking up and eating good food etc.
I find happiness by focusing on what I appreciate in my life, instead of focusing on what I don’t like or don’t have.
I find happiness by adopting perspectives that ground and empower me.
I find happiness by spending time with people I care about.
I find happiness by removing negative influences from my life.
I find happiness by focusing on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t.
I find happiness by adding value to people’s lives.
I find happiness by just being myself.
I find happiness by not comparing myself and my life to others.
I find happiness by spending less time on my phone and social media.
I find happiness by accepting myself for who I am, including all flaws and idiosyncrasies.
I find happiness by overcoming obstacles that were holding me back
I find happiness when I learn something I thought I’d never learn.
I find happiness by allowing my inner world of thoughts and feelings to be as they are, without judging them or wishing to get rid of them through resistance.
And… most importantly, I find happiness by not even trying to pursue it. Chasing happiness kind of backfires. We never quite get there when we go after it. After all, what are we chasing? When done this way, happiness is just a concept floating around in our heads and we chase after an Idea that we’ll achieve happiness at some imaginary point in the future.