Why Focusing On Creation is Better (And Healthier) Than Competition

Why do we think that if someone else gets it (whatever it is) that we won’t be able to get it too? It’s because we’ve conditioned ourselves that way. Is it helpful? Of course not!

If we always think that in order for us to have then others cannot have then we will always experience this hostile, selfish,  cold, protective, restrictive, aggressive and bullish way of living.

And that is a world I don’t want to be a part of. Do you? And if you do please leave a comment in the section below letting me know why, because I think you’re mad if you want to live in this way. (Only joking, I’m not judging you, you are entitled to think and believe in anything you wish).

But anyway… Imagine if we all started to focus on creative cooperation rather than competing with one another. You see, I think the ‘dog eat dog’ mentality is horrible and is not sustainable in the long-run so it’s crucial that we forget about operating from this platform.

Another reason why being in the competitive mindset is actually disempowering is because it puts you in a state of lack and protectiveness. Have you ever been around someone like that? How does it make you feel? If anything it makes the  other person become a repellent and unattractive in terms of their energy field.

Personally whenever I’m around a person who is operating from the “dog eat dog” mentality, I feel very uncomfortable. What would be more useful and harmonious is if everyone focused all their energy on creation.

Competition was actually more useful in the distant past because we relied on competition for our survival. If we didn’t compete then we really would be eaten up. But times are different now, we live in a world were we don’t need to go to extreme heights to survive.

We certainly have more than enough to go around and the only reason why people still live from this competitive mindset is because of conditioning through the ages.

In terms of business, shifting from the competitive to the creative plane means that you will be rewarded for what you create as long as you keep creating value. All you really need to do whilst operating from the creative mindset is to look for ways where you can continually create value.

“When you are able to give every person more in practical use value than you are taking from them in monetary value, then you are adding to the life of the world with every single business transaction” – Andy Shaw, Creator of A Bug Free Mind

So if you are in a business where you aren’t sure if there is enough market for you, then you need to drop this competitive mindset. Stop worrying about what other people in the industry are doing and just keep focusing on ways to add more value.

Of course you can look at whatever it is others are doing in your industry for ideas and inspiration but don’t bother trying to compete with them. Just add more value and the market will be created for you effortlessly.

Focusing on creating awesome things in this world which can benefit other people’s lives in some way is something we should all aim for as it makes us feel alive when we make a difference to the people around us.

It doesn’t matter what that creation is, whether it’s a beautiful peace of music that touches someone’s heart or a life-changing book you write. Just avoid the competitive ‘there’s not enough to go around’ or ‘I must protect mindset and focus solely on creating value to the world.

I trust you found this article helpful in some way, feel free to leave a comment in the section below if you have any questions.

Until next time

Peace, love and empowerment!

Lawrence Gregory