Realize That The Present Moment Is All You Ever Experience

You may have heard this quote somewhere through a spiritual teaching or book before but I cannot emphasize how crucial this statement really is on the whole of reality.


A quote from one of the greatest spiritual teachers.

Why is the present moment all you ever experience? 

Well a quick easy way to understand this is by realizing that you can’t experience something which is three weeks away from now, right at this moment.

You cannot suddenly float to the date and place which is three weeks into the future and start experiencing it now, that is completely scientifically impossible… nor can you go back to a certain date in the past and relive it.

The past and the futures only role is thought forms in the mind which happen now or never – when you think of the past, you think about it now and when you anticipate the future through thoughts, you do so now.

So it obviously clear that the past and future have no realities and that the present moment is the only thing we ever truly have through conscious experience.

All creation and life happens now, your life experience is never not this very moment.

However the mind can obscure the reality of the present by getting you to focus on the things you have done before or keep you worried about what may happen in the future, however these are just fictions of the mind and can easily dissolve by becoming constantly aware of the present moment.

There are many ways which you can access the present moment and the best way to access it is to become consciously aware of it through practicing meditation, reminding yourself to be present by asking yourselves questions.

For example here is a very helpful question to help you become present and requires no answer, Am I present now? or you can ask yourself, What at this moment is lacking?… this question also doesn’t require an answer it just points you in the direction of the present moment.

Below is a video by Eckhart Tolle explaining the importance of the NOW.


Say bye to negativity 

Living in alignment with the present moment is a great way for relieving stress, guilt and fear, because when your attention is fully focused on this moment, there is no time for negative emotions, as the NOW is completely free of time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post about realizing how important the present moment is and that it is all we ever experience.

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